Wyoming Coal-to-Liquids Plant Has A Buyer For Its Double-the-Emissions Gasoline

Looks like coal-to-liquid development is moving forward in Wyoming: BusinessWeek reports that Houston-based DKRW Advanced Fuels, which has been planning a $2.7 billion coal-to-liquids plant in southeast Wyoming, announced it now has a buyer for the gasoline that the plant will produce.

The company calls the contract one of the first major commercial agreements in the U.S. for selling liquid transport fuels made from coal. Environmentalists will call it a disaster.

Vitol Inc. will buy 100 percent of the gasoline produced by the plant owned by DKRW subsidiary Medicine Bow Fuel & Power, which will be built near Medicine Bow, a town west of Cheyenne with a population of less than 300 people (and with what has to be one of the greatest town slogans in the country: "Where the Mule deer walk down Maple Street").

The plant will use coal from a nearby mine to produce 10,600 barrels of gasoline a day—which when consumed, will double the emissions that an equivalent amount of gasoline would produce.

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