U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls for Fossil Fuels Bonanza, Catastrophic Global Warming

It's that time of year: 'State of the X' addresses are pouring forth from government leaders, business chiefs, and anyone else who presides over some sort of body worth remarking upon. Today was the Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue's turn, and he had some alarming ideas to kick it off. In his 'State of American Business Address', he began with energy, saying that:

We have 1.4 trillion barrels of oil, enough to last at least 200 years. We have 2.7 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to last 120 years. We have 486 billion tons of coal, enough to last more than 450 years—and we need to use more of this strategic resource cleanly and wisely here at home while selling it around the world.
In an excellent post at Think Progress Green, Brad Johnson quickly took to explaining why that's a disastrous approach to domestic energy policy:
Burning that amount of fossil fuel would generate 444 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the oil, 135 billion tons from the natural gas, and 1.258 trillion tons from the coal. To maintain a climate compatible with civilization all of humanity needs to limit future greenhouse pollution to less than 650 billion tons.

Far from “keeping the American Dream alive for generation after generation,” as Donohue claims, his promotion of catastrophic global warming would grant a diminished, deadly world to future generations.

Of course, Donohue's goal isn't to keep "the American Dream alive for generation after generation", it is to continue to help make the fossil fuels industry, whose interests he represents, fabulously wealthy. And it appears that he'd risk throwing the global climate system into disarray to do so.
See all of Johnson's takedown here.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls for Fossil Fuels Bonanza, Catastrophic Global Warming
The amount of fossil fuels that the U.S.Chamber of Commerce advocates burning would literally ruin civilization as we know it.

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