Third of Offshore Oil & Gas Inspectors Disqualified For Potential Conflicts of Interest

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Somehow not surprising at all: New ethics rules for offshore oil and gas industry inspectors mean that up to one-third of them will be disqualified due to potential conflicts of interest.

Via Mercury News (ht Smart Planet):

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that about 1 of every 5 employees of 109 involved in inspections in the Gulf has been recused from some duties because of the risk of coming into contact with a family member or friend working for a company the inspector regulates. Ten people hired since mid-August 2008 were barred for two years from performing work where they could be in a position of policing their previous employer--a company or contractor operating offshore.

In the Lafayette, La., office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Enforcement and Regulation nearly 35 percent of inspectors have been disqualified because a friend or relative works for a company they could interact with on the job. In Lake Charles, La., nearly 30 percent of inspectors held their last job with an oil and gas company, meaning they can't perform any duties involving their former employer for two years.

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