The Sky Is Pink: There's No Safe Cigarette & There's No Safe Fracking (Video)

Josh Fox apparently couldn't wait until Gasland 2 gets released to take aim at New York governor Andrew Cuomo's plans for fracking in the Empire State. And take on why the natural gas industry's lame ploys at trying to claim that fracking had nothing to do with flammable tap water. And reveal a slew of industry documents detailing that they too have serious concerns about well safety and water contamination. And detail how much money former Pennsylvania governor and Homeland Security head Tom Ridge gets to shill natural gas (hint: not quite a million dollars), as well as how much the natural gas industry has donated to the Pennsylvania governor's campaign (hint: over double that).

I don't know if, as Kevin Grandia glowingly proclaims, it's the best 18 minute video ever made, but it really is pretty great.

Lots of stuff in here for people who have no idea what fracking is (which is a lot of people in the US, apparently), as well as viewers who are up to speed, up to the minute.

Kudos to Fox for including the industry documents he references in the film, and a whole slew of other background links too.

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