Thanks to Fracking, PR Industry is Booming


The Onion nails it:

Fracking Industry Now Largest Employer Of Recent PR Graduates

SAN FRANCISCO—A new labor market study published Wednesday has found that oil companies with hydraulic fracturing interests have outpaced the tobacco industry, Wall Street, and the gun lobby to become the largest employer of recent college graduates with public relations degrees. "These days, media-savvy professionals who know how to publicize questionable scientific data in order to downplay the environmental dangers of forcing toxic fluids into the ground can pretty much write their own ticket," said Bart Hobijn of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, adding that this year at least 2,500 graduating seniors will be put to work obfuscating the levels of carcinogens in groundwater. "And in the long term, the job demand will only increase. Fracking has become a high-growth sector in which there is an extraordinary amount of spinning to be done." When asked how he enjoyed his new position with a Pittsburgh-based fracking operator, recently hired PR manager Matt Coleman said he believed the practice is a "safe, clean way to increase our natural gas reserves and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil."
It's funny because it's, well, you know ...

Pretty much since the day Gasland premiered, the natural gas industry has been desperately trying to turn the tide on its bad fracking press. So we've gotten tons of talk about a cleaner fuel than coal, and slogans like fictional ol' Mr. Coleman's up there, about alleviating our reliance on foreign oil.

What we haven't gotten is an industry at all willing to publicly disclose the ingredients of the chemical cocktails it blasts into the ground.

Thanks to Fracking, PR Industry is Booming
The public relations effort to sell America on fracking is a major job creator, the Onion reports.

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