Texas Homeowner Speaks Out About TransCanada Taking Her Land for Keystone XL Pipeline (Video)

A quick one related to the direct action being taken to stop preliminary construction on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Texas.

In the video above, provided by Tar Sands Blockade, Eleanor Fairchild talks about how last Saturday "TransCanada arrived on her land with heavy machinery and began tearing up the ground and clear-cutting every tree in their path."

Fairchild explains in the video that TransCanada had said in writing that they would first notify her before work would begin and then explain what work would happen, but none of that has come to pass.

Fairchild was among those people arrested last year in protests at the White House urging the Obama administration to not approve Keystone XL. After she found out more about the toxicity of tar sands oil should an accident occur, she refused to sell any of her land to TransCanada and never signed any contract permitting construction. The land was eventually taken through eminent domain.

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