Texas Farmer Arrested for Trespassing on Her Own Land Protesting Keystone XL

eleanor fairchild daryl hannah keystone xl protest photoStephen Da Silva, Tar Sands Blockade/CC BY 2.0

Eleanor Fairchild, the Texas farmer whose story about TransCanada using eminent domain to take her land for the Keystone XL pipeline we recently shared, has been arrested for trespassing, on her own land, while protesting the construction just beginning there.

In addition to Fairchild, Tar Sands Blockade reports, actress-activist Daryl Hannah was also arrested while protesting.

The arrests came late yesterday afternoon, after Fairchild and Hannah stood in front of excavators and ground-clearing equipment, their arms raised in defiance.

Tar Sands Blockade explains the background situation on the construction taking place on Fairchild's land, and Hannah's support:

Keystone XL will permanently bisect Mrs. Fairchild’s 300 acre ranch, which includes undeveloped wetland areas and natural springs producing over 400 gallons of fresh water per minute from her property. Hannah, whose outspoken anti-Tar Sands position dates back many years, expressed pride to be able to stand with Mrs. Fairchild who is watching her home and its delicate ecosystems be destroyed in front of her eyes.

“I am standing in solidarity with the farmers, ranchers, and landowners who have been bullied, coerced, and threatened by TransCanada. Texans do not want this toxic export pipeline coming through and compromising their land and water,” she shared. “Texas has already experienced a tragic and epic drought. We cannot afford to compromise our water supply for a multinational corporation’s profits.”

Texas Farmer Arrested for Trespassing on Her Own Land Protesting Keystone XL
Oh, and Daryl Hannah was also arrested while supporting her...

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