Ten reasons fracking California is stupid idea - Grist

David Roberts at Grist lists Ten reasons why fracking for dirty oil in California is a stupid idea. As with any fracking, water is a huge concern:

5. Water is always a problem in California, a state that lurches from drought to drought and suffers constant bickering between cities, farmers, fishers, and everyone else over the dwindling resource. According to industry figures [PDF], every fracking well uses between 80,000 and 300,000 gallons of water. (That probably means they use way more than that in reality.)

In addition, as Food & Water Watch says in this informative issue brief, “Increasing demand for fresh water, leaking toxic waste pits, well-cementing failures and injection of chemicals underground all post serious short- and long-term water risk.”

Is this how Californians want to use their dwindling water? To expedite the export of dirty oil?

Roberts' post is the best I've read on this new battleground for oil, so go read it all.

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