TarSandsSOS lets you track tar sands oil tankers

Due to the successful delay of the Keystone XL pipeline, Canadian oil companies to consider alternate routes for getting tar sands to market, including the Energy East Pipeline to New Brunswick and the Northern Gateway, which would flow west to Vancouver.

In effort to bring attention to the threat posed by supertanker carrying tar sands oil from Vancouver, ForestEthics has launched a new tool called TarSandsSOS that lets citizens track supertankers hauling tar sands oil along the Pacific coast in real time.

ForestEthics - Tar Sands SOS tanker trackerForestEthics - Tar Sands SOS/Screen capture

The last time I checked, I didn't see any tankers, but I've attached a screenshot to show how the tool tracks each ship, with information on the name of the ship, where it heading, etc. According to ForestEthics, if the Northern Gateway pipeline is completed, the waterways around Vancouver could see a 700% increase in tanker traffic. And with the way tar sands oil sinks in water, a tanker or pipeline spill in the area would be devastating for the region.

Check out the tool and learn more at TarSandsSOS.

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