Sunoco Ranked 'Greenest' Oil Company by Greenopia - Previous Winner BP Drops Back to Fourth Place

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photo: Alex Ford/Creative Commons

In this year's largely oxymoronic greenest oil company ranking by Greenopia (hence the quotes in the title), last year's winner BP has fallen to fourth place in the rankings, for obvious reasons. Last year's loser, Citgo, still sits at the bottom of the pile. Rising above BP for 2011 are Sunoco, Shell, and Hess. Sunoco received top marks for:

...Without a doubt, the best sustainability reporting of any major oil company. Sunoco works with CERES for its transparency and reports both the good as well as the bad (which is rare). Sunoco provides a plethora of easy to understand, high quality data. Every important environmental metric is accounted for in Sunoco's report. Sunoco has greatly improved its emissions from its baseline year of 1990 and emits about 11 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year (better than the year before). Sunoco is also extremely efficient in its waste production. Sunoco only generates about 14,300 tons of hazardous waste each year which is also considerably lower than most of its competitors. Sunoco has been an industry leader in its efforts in biofuels and other clean fuels and has a proactive stance on climate change.

Which is balanced out by the fact that in Sunoco has an above average number of oil spills--to the point that Greenopia says it's "a bit alarming."


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