Shell Sues Greenpeace to Stop More Anti-Oil Drilling Protests

So... Shell is suing Greenpeace International, in the Netherlands, in an attempt to stop the environmental group from continuing its anti-Arctic oil drilling protests.

Perhaps the most absurd thing in it all is this statement from Shell (my emphasis):

Our request includes that Greenpeace inform its satellite organizations that it no longer supports protests that are solely directed at causing Shell economic damage or that bring human lives and the environment in danger [sic].

Now who's bring more human lives and the environment into danger here? Protestors and direct action activists trying to stop environmental destruction, or a massive multinational fossil fuel company, now divested of its renewable energy operations apart from biofuels, intent on exploring for oil in the Arctic, where there's virtually no possibility of cleaning up a spill when it happens, and mining the tar sands, which in the words of climatologist James Hansen means it's "game over" for a stable climate?

Given what we know about climate change, every new bit of oil exploration by Shell or any other fossil fuel company puts human lives and the environment at risk, every time.

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