Rap News video presents our energy crises, global warming denial, Elon Musk on Mars, and our #1 energy solution

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After rapping through some of the energy issues we're facing — the high cost of current oil production methods, the ridiculous talking points around the Keystone XL, and pollution from coal power plants (highlighting China) — the rapping crew takes a very brief look at Elon Musk's electric vehicle and solar solutions (but with the main focus being that he is on Mars dressed like Iron Man), then gives a satirical presentation of Richard Branson's asteroid mining plans.

Following the billionaire entrepreneur focus, they jump to a conspiracy theorist discussing "free energy," hemp, and global warming. The folks behind the 22nd episode of "Rap News" then bring in über conservative Tony Abbot and have him spout some global warming denial talking points while slipping in implications of corruption and global warming–driven bush fires. Clearly, the Rap News crew is making fun of the global warming deniers, but it presents their points much more than the scientific consensus.

Finally, Copernicus comes in via "the juice channeling portal" (note that "thejuicemedia" is the YouTube user behind the video) and briefly discusses heliocentrism, adding that the "2nd heliocentric revolution is nigh," but that we are "still living in the dark ages." His key point is, again, that "the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the universe," and that using solar power is our "only hope of survival."

If this type of music isn't your thing, you may have trouble sitting through the video. Personally, I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite well done. Furthermore, it's clear the writers know a thing or to about energy and haven't come to the issue recently. Many subtle jabs and the range of somewhat obscure topics they discuss show that they've been following the industry quite closely.

My only real beef is that, while they are satirizing conspiracy theorists and global warming deniers, they probably reinforce the myths more than dispel them. (Reminded me of "Poe's law.") However, for anyone familiar with the ridiculous, anti-science stance of these global warming "contrarians," it's pretty funny.

Oh yeah, it's also sort of odd that they satirize Elon Musk since his fast-growing energy solutions (electric vehicles and solar power... which is put in a positive light at the end of the video) are genuine solutions to the crises discussed earlier. But, hey, it seems it was just too hard for them to split up the Mars thing from Elon's "down-to-earth" projects, and was more fun having him on Mars dressed as iron Man.

If you haven't watched the video but made it all the way through my summary, just get to it! Here it is again:

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Rap News video presents our energy crises, global warming denial, Elon Musk on Mars, and our #1 energy solution
This rapper nails it, imho.

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