Quebec's New Government Looks to Ban Fracking

Politically, the rest of Canada may continue rushing to all things tar sands and unconventional fossil fuels, but Quebec is a different story: Vancouver Sun reports that Quebec's new natural resources minister has come out swinging against fracking.

Martine Ouellet says:

I don't foresee a day when there will be technology that will allow safe exploitation of shale gas. Our position is very clear: We want a complete moratorium, not only on exploitation but also on exploration of shale gas.
Exploration for shale gas is already halted in Quebec, as an environmental review process continues.

Though overshadowed by the contentious battle over fracking in the Marcellus Shale to the south, in New York and Pennsylvania, the Utica Shale is being eyed for exploration in a region in the St Lawrence River valley from Montreal to Quebec City.

The move comes just a Global Frackdown protest gets underway, pictured at top in Belgium.

Quebec's New Government Looks to Ban Fracking
New natural resources minister Martine Ouellet says she doesn't think fracking can ever be done safely.

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