Part of New York State's Fracking Regulations Already Trails Industry Practice

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With good-sized areas of the New York State now open for fracking, some questions are being raised about the supposedly tough measures being put in place to ensure drinking water isn't contaminated. Reuters highlights how one piece of the clean water safeguards is actually weaker than existing industry practice in Pennsylvania (not exactly known for being a hostile government towards fracking).

The New York DEC regulations would require natural gas drillers to use three layers of well casing to help prevent flammable gas underground from leaking into local water wells.Casing helps prevent gas leakage, or methane migration, which can happen when wells drill through or near shallow aquifers. ... Even with more than three layers of casing, Pennsylvania still has problems with well construction, and worries persist about leakage from wells into water supplies near a number of drilling sites.

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