New Zealand to be coal-free by 2018, 90% renewable by 2025

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Earlier in the week I wrote how Australian coal miners are getting behind renewables, aiming to get ahead of a transition they see as all but inevitable. They may have had an eye on their neighbors, because New Zealand is about to eliminate coal.


Not content with granting the rights of personhood to rivers, or having its cities divest from fossil fuels, New Zealand is building on its already impressive green energy record by breaking up with coal power once and for all. As reported by The Hill, New Zealand has announced that it will close its last 2 remaining coal power plants in 2018 as it moves toward a goal of 90% renewable energy by 2025.

True, New Zealand is blessed by both abundant geothermal energy and significant wind resources, so the ability to replace base load coal plants with dispatchable renewables like geothermal may be easier than in other parts of the world. In fact, the country already gets 79.9% of its electricity from renewables, says The Hill.

Still, we already have roadmaps to 100% renewables for every state in the US. Maybe it's time we took a leaf out of New Zealand's book.

Ambition is easier than incrementalism anyway.

New Zealand to be coal-free by 2018, 90% renewable by 2025
Compared to New Zealand, we all have work to do.

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