New York State's Fracking Ban May Be Extended For Another Year

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photo: Progress Ohio/Creative Commons
New York's fracking reprieve just moved a step closer to being legally extended* for another year, with the state Assembly voting to pass a one-year moratorium on new drilling permits. It needs to pass the state Senate to become law though. * Why the asterisk? According to analysis presented at last month's Water Fight! fracking symposium, despite the current governor-issued moratorium being commonly believed to be set to expire (well, expired last week actually), it was worded in such a way that the time it would've taken to review all the public comments on it effective would've extended the ban through the time when this newly and partially passed one would expire anyway--June 1, 2012.

Which makes me think (very much initially at least) that, assuming the wording in similar to what we've got now, perhaps we've got another 18 months rather than just 12 to get a permanent and total ban on fracking in New York state going.

The drinking water of all of New York City and the Delaware River basin, and the future of agriculture in those areas overlapping the Marcellus Shale are at stake. The risk is far far far greater than the reward here.

Particularly dry react quotes from both sides and background at Reuters
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