Nearly 60% of Americans Oppose Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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Mountaintop removal coal mining. Scientists studying the environmental effects of it say no remediation is ever enough to offset the damage is causes both around the mine and downstream. There have been high-profile protests over it where both celebrities and leading scientists have been arrested and taken away in cuffs. And now, according to a new CNN/ORC survey, most Americans oppose it too.
57% people responding to the survey said they opposed mountaintop removal mining, while 36% of people support it and 7% had no opinion on the matter.

One third of West Virginia's coal is now obtained by blowing off the top of a mountain and then burying nearby streams with the waste, which then pollutes waterways immediately in the vicinity as well as downstream.

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That said, here's a commenter on The Hill's take on this survey says:

The majority also want taxes increased on the very rich, but that has not stopped the Republicans. This will simply be ignored by the corporate GOP.

Personally, I happen to the think the Democrats are only slightly less in the pocket of big corporations. And when it comes to coal mining and West Virginia, Democratic politicians support it too. But the sentiment is still valid.

The same comment could also apply to much stronger climate policy, energy policy and environment policy more broadly, but the American political process has been so hopelessly co-opted by corporate power and the power of big financial institutions that it's no surprise we're at the current pathetic impasse in this nation.

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