Senator Harry Reid Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline - Says We Should Be Investing in Clean Energy Jobs Instead

Opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline received even more support this week when Sen. Harry Reid came out against the tar sands oil pipeline, a 1,700-mile long project from the Canada to the Gulf Coast. Reid penned an Oct. 5 letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, first reported by the Washington Post, in which he calls the proposed project "unsustainable" and "dirty." The first Keystone pipeline spilled 12 times in its first year.

Reid wrote:

The proponents of this pipeline would be wiser to invest instead in job-creating clean energy projects, like renewable power, energy efficiency or advanced vehicles and fuels that would employ thousands of people in the United States rather than increasing our dependency on unsustainable supplies of dirty and polluting oil that could easily be exported.

The Senator went on the question the validity of States' environmental impact Statement.

I have been contacted by many people across the nation who believe the Final Environmental Impact Statement fails to adequately consider any meaningful alternatives to the proposed pipeline and the threats it poses to our air, land, water, climate and public health.

State hired Cardno Entrix to help write the EIS, but the company has extensive ties to TransCanada, the company applying for the permit to build the pipeline. Additionally, TransCanada's chief lobbyist is a former Clinton campaign staffer, creating the appearance of impropriety. President Obama, it should be remembered, ran for office promising to end these sorts of cozy relationships.

President Obama will not be able to ignore opponents of the pipeline much longer. On Nov. 6, thousands will gather at the White House to surround it and let their voice be heard. Above is video of over 200 people, including Gasland director Josh Fox, visiting Obama's campaign office in New York.

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