Keystone XL Pipeline Will "Comfort Our Enemies", US Brigadier General Says

Some opposition to the proposed and increasingly controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline coming from a novel, but ultimately not surprising, source: Writing in The Hill, retired US Army brigadier general Steven Anderson, says the greatest threat to the nation's security is our "over-reliance on oil." Building Keystone XL will just further that addiction and "will comfort our enemies."

Anderson says "Americans must immediately take steps to cut our petro-addiction before it's late," and goes on to say:

The Keystone XL pipeline doesn't help. This pipeline would move dirty oil from Canada to refineries in Texas and would set back our renewable energy efforts for at least two decades, much to our enemies' delight. It would ensure we maintain our oil addiction and delay making the tough decisions regarding energy production, management and conservation that we need to start making today.
Anderson continues by taking on the claims from backers of Keystone XL that it will improve US energy supply and make the nation more energy independent, finding all these claims lacking.

As ample coverage by TreeHugger and elsewhere has shown, Keystone XL is about export of Canada's oil, and has been from the start, more than it is about any other factor.

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Keystone XL Pipeline Will "Comfort Our Enemies", US Brigadier General Says
Steven M Anderson, senior military logistician in Iraq from 2006-2007, says the US' oil addiction is the greatest national security threat -- and building Keystone XL will just keep the nation addicted.

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