Interior Secretary Gleefully Hails Resumption of Oil Drilling in Vicinity of BP Spill

I normally don't personally attack people in my writing here on TreeHugger, but I have to say that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar's glee over the new $1.7 billion in federal offshore oil drilling auctions, all in areas around where the BP oil spill originated, really just frigging disgusts me.

Here's Salazar, quoted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

We're back. The rigs are back. It's proof positive that the oil and gas industry is confident that they can meet the heightened safety requirements that we have instituted since the Deepwater Horizon.

We're back.

We're back?

Back. As if expanding access to oil drilling was the highest virtue. As if the Department of Interior was one and the same as the oil industry itself. Oh wait...

Back. As in a step backwards, in the opposite direction from deploying energy systems that won't continue to destroy our climate, despoil ecosystems, and enrich already disgustingly wealthy corporate oligarchs.

It's like Ken Salazar thinks he's Peter Kent, in Canada proclaiming that the purpose of the Environment Ministry there is, essentially, to facilitate tar sands development.

This all of the above energy strategy the Obama administration is pushing is just crap. Which may be demeaning to excrement, because at least manure can fertilize a field.

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