How Fox News Pushes Fossil Fuels & Bashes Clean Energy: A Video History

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In Fox News' ongoing mission to align itself with the pervading conservative talking points of the day, the network has invariably boosted the fossil fuel industry while heaping scorn on clean energy. Fox has persistently advocated for fossil fuels of every stripe -- and called for more drilling, more coal, more oil, and more gas -- while denigrating the clean energy sector at each plausible opportunity it gets.

Media Matters has compiled an enraging little video collage of Fox's history of doing exactly that:

If there's still someone out there who believes Fox News to be a reliable, unbiased news source, I'd like to meet him. I'd like to sit down with him, and have a pleasant, mannered, and thoughtful conversation. I'd like to know why.

Why one would perceive this organization as anything other than an activist mouthpiece for the conservative political agenda of the day. Why someone would believe they're watching nonpartisan 'news' as opinionator after opinionator denounces the Obama administration, Occupy Wall Street protests, or anything the Democratic Party has ever expressed support for. I'd really, really like to hear the argument that posits that the entertainment service Fox News provides is in fact news. I'd love to.

Because those are also the people -- a tiny, tiny minority -- who are buying the notion that clean energy is a sham. Vast majorities of Americans persistently want to see more solar and wind, despite the best efforts of these pundits, who would rather lie outright than accept the fact that the renewable energy industry is growing fast.

Fox News' reliable fossil fuels boosterism and clean energy slandering really only appeals to the politically activist Tea Party factions who believe that anything that Obama has ever said something nice about must be destroying America. Oh yeah, and the most wealthy, polluting industrialists in the nation. Go figure.

How Fox News Pushes Fossil Fuels & Bashes Clean Energy: A Video History
We all know that Fox News is shamefully slanted, biased towards the foremost conservative ideology of the day. But watch this video collage of the network's coverage of renewable energy, and you'll see how deep that bias runs.

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