Here's one effective solution to climate change: Put a price on carbon.

Put A Price On It carbon pricing
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#PutAPriceOnIt is a new movement to raise awareness and support for carbon pricing as a climate solution.

Solar panels, wind turbines, LED lights, home energy storage, and electric vehicles are all elements of a more sustainable future, but it might be a while before those and other clean solutions reach a tipping point in mass adoption, and in the meantime, carbon pollution, being virtually free to emit, will continue to add to the climate burden that we're currently seeking to mitigate.

A far quicker, and arguably more effective, means of keeping carbon emissions in check is to put a price on it. By making carbon pollution expensive, rather than free, it should be a no-brainer to choose non-polluting energy sources, such as solar and wind which further reduce carbon emissions., over carbon-intensive fuels such as coal and oil.

A new awareness and support campaign for carbon pricing, called Put A Price On It, has been launched by the millennial-led nonprofit Our Climate and Years of Living Dangerously, but the idea of using carbon pricing as a climate tool isn't new and isn't radical, as it has supporters across a wide array of fields, from science to politics to economics. Here's an explainer about the importance of putting a price on carbon by former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich:

For Put A Price On It, a series of videos featuring comedians (such as Jack Black and Cecily Strong) as well as other celebrities and experts, urges watchers to support carbon pricing and to hold elected and public officials accountable for their role in carbon pollution.

The next video isn't from this campaign, but it serves to highlight the importance of carbon pricing, and Bill Nye is our go-to science guy:

Find out more about carbon pricing at Years of Living Dangerously, get resources to further the Put A Price On It campaign at The Climate Solution, and take the pledge to vote to put a price on it.

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