Gaseous anti-fracking video takes aim at British Gas

fracking farts photo
Video screen capture Ecotricity

There have always been question marks about whether fracking for shale gas can really succeed in the UK. From the relative population density compared to the US, to the lack of mineral rights for landowners, there are many reasons why Brits are cautious about this relatively new method of fossil fuel extraction.

Indeed, we've already seen how one Transition Town defeated a fracking operation.

Now green energy provider Ecotricity, the people who brought us the viral video of adorable yet doomed collapsing cooling towers and who are busy building an electric highway, are now setting their sights on British Gas and its investments in fracking.

The goal, says Ecotricity, is to lend support to communities who are trying to stop fracking, but this is more than just environmental campaigning, of course. As a supplier of natural gas to UK households, Ecotricity is hoping to shave off some of British Gas' customer base—a customer base which, it says, is inadvertently supporting fracking because of British Gas' investments.

It should be noted that fracked gas is not yet being supplied to UK markets, but Ecotricity says that it is drawing a line in the sand, committing to keep its gas supply frack free—even when such supplies to become available. This commitment comes on top of Ecotricity's commitment to build biogas digesters to create a renewable supply of green gas to UK consumers.

The video was created by London-based agency Man + Hatchet, the same folks who helped Ecotricity create the cooling towers video. Which I'm including again here because it's so darned great.

Gaseous anti-fracking video takes aim at British Gas
There's nothing like a good fart joke. Green energy suppliers Ecotricity are using a little toilet humor to encourage consumers to reject fracked gas.

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