Fracking Industry Had Six Weeks More Access Than Public to New York State's Proposed Regulations

File this one right next to potentially criminal collusion between natural gas companies in Michigan to keep land lease prices low: The Environmental Working Group (h/t proposed regulations on fracking to natural gas companies six weeks before the public could access them, thereby allowing the companies to begin their lobbying efforts and suggest changes well in advance of anyone else.

The documents were made available as part of a "stakeholder outreach" program, but local communities, public health and environmental groups were excluded.

EWG's summary says, "In at least one instance, a representative of one of the nation’s most powerful drilling companies used this exclusive access to try to weaken rules restricting discharges of radioactive wastewater."

And that's just the start of it. At the EWG link above their a detailed timeline of
events as well as links to the documents themselves.

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