Fracking Poses "High-Risk" to Human Health & Environment, EU Study Finds

anti-fracking protest NYC photoCREDO: Cuomo Policy Summit /CC BY 2.0

If you think the contentious debate about, and the enthusiasm for, hydraulic fracturing is confined to the US, think again. It's equally a big issue in parts of Europe as well. Now, a new EU report outlines in no uncertain terms the potential dangers of fracking.

EurActiv reports that the latest analysis says that fracking "poses a 'high risk' to human health and the environment that is is worse than that posed by other fossil fuels."

The EU environment directorate finds that fracking is so high risk because of the combined effect of potential contamination of ground water, depletion of ground and surface water, biodiversity loss, degradation of land and air quality, and potential earthquakes.

Currently, at the federal level, fracking is unregulated across the European Union. The report recommends that fracking should not be permitted on an industrial scale, rather only in limited circumstances under strict regulation, and not at all in areas supplying drinking water.

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