Fracking to Get Green Light in New York by Labor Day

Though the public announcement of New York State's plans to lift the moratorium on fracking is yet to be made, and the final details not fully determined, has some details of what the future of hydraulic fracturing in the Empire State will probably look like.

First off, the state DEC is finalizing reviews of public comments and the new rules regulating fracking are expected to be released by Labor Day.

Second, new fracking will be introduced into the state in two stages, with 50 wells permitted in the first year and 100 permitted in the second. In both cases they will be permitted on in towns that allow them.

That watersheds don't respect human-made boundaries negates a good measure of the noble attempt to give communities control over their land.

Third, no new monitoring or inspection staff will be added in the initial period of fracking.

Fourth, the waste will be treated as medical waste, not toxic waste, allowing it to be treated as a lower level of concern.

Fifth, DEC admits that existing laws are inadequate to regulate fracking, and that new laws need to be passed by the state legislature, though these are yet to be specified.

Not included in the plan, but highlighted by, is the effect on state transportation infrastructure due to increased truck traffic. The state DOT says roads and bridges in three counties at the center of potential fracking sites will require replacement or maintenance for the latter of $28-31 million, and $300,000 for per lane mile of road. Each single fracking truck results in similar wear and tear on infrastructure as 9,000 passenger vehicles.

Fracking to Get Green Light in New York by Labor Day
The final regulations are yet to be determined, but here's a glimpse at how fracking will soon start in New York State.

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