Fracking 'Exxposed' In New Video From Water Defense

Water Defense, the anti-fracking group organized by an increasingly outspoken Mark Ruffalo, is pushing a new video campaign, Natural Gas Exxposed.

It "tells the stories of Americans whose lives have been devastated by gas drilling" as "all across the country, gas companies are poisoning water, tearing apart communities and destroying the American dream for thousands of families who can't protect their children from what comes out of the tap."

There's only so many stories you can tell in a minute long video but it is definitely worth taking a look at and sharing around.

Before you do so though, for a look at the expansion of fracking from a policy and geopolitical perspective, check out what Michael Klare (Hampshire College prof and long time author on all things resource conflict) has to say about the way the US and Canada are going because of the the increasing drive for unconventional fossil fuel sources:

According to the energy industry, we are at a fork in the road and can either chose a path leading to greater energy independence or to ever more perilous energy insecurity. But there is another way to characterize that “choice”: on one path, the United States will increasingly come to resemble a Third World petro-state, with compliant government leaders, an increasingly money-ridden and corrupt political system, and negligible environmental and health safeguards; on the other, which would also involve far greater investment in the development of renewable alternative energies, it would remain a First World nation with strong health and environmental regulations and robust democratic institutions.

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