Fracking Did Contaminate Wyoming Town's Wells, Independent Review Confirms

Pavillion, Wyoming fracking photoEPA/Public Domain

Remember that EPA report that said fracking was likely responsible for the contamination of wells in Pavillion, Wyoming? Well, a new review, commissioned by NRDC, the Wyoming Outdoor Council, Sierra Club and the Oil & Gas Accountability Project, concurs and confirms what the EPA report found.

NRDC sums up the findings of hydrologist Tom Myers:

  • Chemical contaminants found in Pavillion domestic water wells and EPA's monitoring wells have been linked to either the gas well production or hydraulic fracturing process.
  • The EPA's investigation is scientifically sound and demonstrates in a scientifically reliable way that chemical contaminants from the gas production zone reached the geologic formations between the gas production wells and the domestic water wells in the area.
  • There are higher than background concentration levels of potassium and chloride that support the conclusion that the source of those chemicals is hydraulic fracturing fluid emanating from the gas production zone.
  • Several synthetic organic compounds found in the EPA monitoring wells are apparently linked to hydraulic fracturing fluids, as there is no scientifically viable alternative explanation.
  • The EPA report demonstrates that it is the gas production process itself that has caused contamination in the domestic water wells of the Pavillion area.
  • EPA's monitor wells were carefully constructed and sampled using proper purging methods and could not have affected the existing groundwater chemistry.
The commissioning groups are submitting the finds as technical comments to the EPA.

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Here are the full comments of the review: Review of DRAFT: Investigation of Ground Water Contamination near Pavillion Wyoming Prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency, Ada OK

Fracking Did Contaminate Wyoming Town's Wells, Independent Review Confirms
A quartet of green groups commissioned a review of the EPA's report on groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming, finding that the EPA got it right. Fracking is to blame.

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