Fracking Could Damage New York & Pennsylvania Tourism, Too

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Another study showing how fracking is hardly an unqualified good as it's proponents would have you believe: A new study shows that while in the short term hydraulic fracturing wells will likely have little impact on tourism, over time the increased industrialization of the landscape that comes with fracking could do serious damage to tourism.

The regional industrialization associated with widespread drilling could do substantial damage to the region's "brand," threatening the long-term growth of tourism here. Increased truck traffic, automobile traffic, air pollution, noise pollution, and industrial accidents, decreased availability of hotel/motel rooms, campground spaces, and RV parking, negative visual impacts from multiple drilling rigs in rural view--sheds, storage facilities, gravel pits, and compressor stations, disruptions to wildlife and hunting grounds, fears over lake and stream pollution and many other associated impacts of drilling will change the character of the region from pristine and rural to gritty and industrial. If so, the region's ability to attract tourism may be damaged in the long term, as the perception (and reality) of the region as an industrial landscape may far outlast the employment and monetary benefits of gas drilling.

Read more: Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale: Potential Impacts on the Tourism Economy of the Southern Tier [PDF]

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