Frack-Free Colorado Highlights Natural Gas Fracking Facts (Infographic)

As the battle over natural gas drilling heats up in Colorado, an upcoming event in Denver aims to unite the opposition. When you consider the startling facts and statistics presented below, it's easy to see why a united opposition is needed. Frack-Free Colorado will host energy experts, activists, musicians and citizens affected by the gas industry for a day of vocal opposition and rallying. Their new site is laid out like one big infographic, featuring a number of important information about natural gas fracking, clean energy alternatives and advice for how people can take action.

I am highlighting a few key bits that caught my eye, but definitely check out the full site to utilized the links and additional resources they have compiled.

Frack Free Colorado waterFrack-Free Colorado/Screen capture

Frack-Free Colorado Injection wellsFrack-Free Colorado/Screen capture

Frack-Free Colorado Wheat Frack-Free Colorado/Screen capture

Frack-Free Colorado chemicalsFrack-Free Colorado/Screen capture

Frack-Free Colorado chemicalsFrack-Free Colorado/Screen capture

Frack Free Colorado clean energyFrack Free Colorado/Screen capture

More on Frack-Free Colorado
Frack-Free Colorado is an event taking place at the Colorado state Capitol on October 23rd 4-7PM. According to the organizers, their main goal is to get Gov Hickenlooper "to give Coloradans a concrete plan for a renewable energy future that eliminates dirty industries like natural gas which are polluting our water, our air, making our children and wildlife sick." They also want to galvanize "a broad cross section of people and orgs around an eventual ban on fracking and a renewable energy future."

If you're interested in helping spread the word, participating or learning more, their website lists all the organizations and sponsors they are working with already. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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