Fox News Explains Why Presidents Can't Control Gas Prices, In 2008 (Video)

fox gas pricesYouTube/Screen capture

In 2008, to defend George Bush from Democrats' accusations that his policies were raising gas price, Fox News put together a series of video segments explaining why the president can't control the costs at the pump. Too bad it seems to have forgotten all about them.

But Media Matters hasn't (of course). The watchdog group has put together a fantastic video medley of those Bush-era segments, and guess what? They're really good! It's probably the best journalistic stance you will ever see Fox News take, ever: (Via Slate's Moneybox)

They're right! Listen to those hard truths: Americans should use less gasoline! We should relieve our dependence on oil! Drilling in ANWR won't help! The president—or any other politician—can't bring down the cost of gas! We really need to ramp up mass transit infrastructure spending! Ride bikes! (OK, seriously, who the hell are you and where did you find that extremely convincing polypropylene O'Reilly mask?)

This isn't just amusing, of course—it's a powerful example of how the activist news organization uses whatever facts and arguments it has at its disposal to support whichever horse it has in the race. When the facts back the Republican position, out they come. But switch to Fox News around today, and you'll get a bunch of talking heads talking about Newt Gingrich's fantastical plan to get $2.50 gas and why Obama's "over-regulation" and hatred of free enterprise are causing gas prices to rise. It's also evidence of Fox's drift from right-leaning activist news organization to right-lunging activist borderline-propaganda disseminator—it has always unabashedly supported the GOP, but perhaps it never had to strain and contort itself so ridiculously and counterfactually to do so...

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