Four Arrested at Occupy Wall Street's 'Disrupt Dirty Power' Protest

Four protesters were arrested on Saturday, when an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street called 'Disrupt Dirty Power' staged a demonstration at the UN building in New York City. described the action's intent:

During the warmest winter in modern memory, fossil fuel companies cooked up new plans to bake our planet once and for all. Defying public outrage and a presidential rebuff, they laid tar sands pipelines. They imperiled our water supplies with poisonous fracking. They went on drilling and spilling oil in our increasingly lifeless seas. And they continued to move whole mountaintops for that supreme carbon bomb: dirty coal.

On Saturday, some of the protesters pretended to be corporate polluters; they dressed up in suits and proclaimed their right to "occupy the planet". Tents were set up on the lawn outside the UN, each emblazoned with a logo of a multinational bank, to symbolize how the finance sector "occupies" international policy-making. The action was entirely peaceful, but protesters were cuffed by the NYPD anyhow.

But since the protest was so peaceful and orderly—and perhaps since the occupiers were dressed up in suits—the police weren't planning on making any arrests. So the occupiers stood around while the police called for a van, and continued the piece of street theater.

Reuters got some video (watch above), and a Waging Nonviolence member recorded one of the suited protester's satirical rants: "Bloomberg is in our pocket! … We control everything! … We have PR companies, the media, Obama, Congress! … I just invested $5 million in a Super PAC, I’m good! … We will be released soon, don’t worry! … Those are the occupiers you should be arresting!"

Keep an eye on Disrupt Dirty Power, the Occupy group behind the protest, for forthcoming events this month. The group describes itself as a "collaboration between Occupy Wall Street, allied organizations and many others who are deeply concerned with the political and financial corruption that is funding and enabling the destruction of our environment.

Indeed—as DDP says, it's high time the movement "connects the dots between big banks on Wall Street, big polluters and the politicians who profit from both."

Four Arrested at Occupy Wall Street's 'Disrupt Dirty Power' Protest
Last Tuesday, #Occupy protests took to the U.N. to protest the influence of the financial sector on polluting power.

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