Completely Unshocking Study: Air Pollution Drops Dramatically When Ships Use Cleaner Fuel

container ship photo

photo: Glen/CC BY

A glimpse of things to come, once new regulations specifying ships use low-sulfur fuels near coastlines comes into effect next year: A new study shows that pollution from ships drops up to 90% when cleaner fuel is used.

Based on research done in NOAA airplanes and ships, monitoring emissions from Maersk's Margrethe Maersk off the coast of California, where state law has mandated cleaner fuel near coastlines since 2009, here's how pollution change:Sulfur dioxide dropped 91% with cleaner fuels; particulate matter pollution that can damage heart and lungs dropped 90% as well. Black carbon pollution dropped 41%. All of these lead to public health problems, though the impact of black carbon and sulfur dioxide on climate is opposite--black carbon pollution increases warming, while sulfur dioxide masks it. (Science Daily)

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