To celebrate Global Divestment Day, we bring you the best of #DumpFossilFuels

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February 13 and 14 are both Global Divestment Day, which is dedicated to asking investors of all stripes to take their money out of fossil fuel investments. Universities, pension funds, religious organizations, municipal governments and others have all joined the divestment movement—and as TreeHugger Lloyd Alter wrote earlier today, the industry has noticed.

Divestment Day is also about raising awareness, and so social media campaigns are a must. In addition to linking the clean energy movement together with with the “#divest” hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, the much more fun #DumpFossilFuels tag has emerged, as well as the somewhat more character-heavy #FossilFuelBreakUpLines. So much fun has ensued, as it turns out that a bad relationship is an irresistible metaphor for humanity’s history with fossil fuels.

Below is my totally subjective curation of favorites divestment break-up lines.

This McGill student is really killing it:

Actually, McGill seems to have a whole bad romance action happening today:

This one is a reference to a report that found that 80 percent of the world's known coal reserves should go unused if we want to keep global warming under two degrees Celsius:

The ubiquitous alternative rhyme scheme provided some inspiration:

Can someone tell me if this heart-shaped solar array is real?

The UK Youth Climate Coalition takes the metaphor even further, with this video:

I totally love the line, “He was just so dirty, and not in a good way.”

Do you have a great #DumpFossilFuel zinger? Leave it for us in the comments or tweet us @TreeHugger.

To celebrate Global Divestment Day, we bring you the best of #DumpFossilFuels
For the love of puns and sustainable investment, we bring you breakup lines from the front lines of the divestment movement.

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