Bill McKibben and Josh Fox Tell Joe Biden to Halt Fracking in Delaware River (Video)

mckibben fox fracking delawareSave the Delaware/Screen capture

I just reported that a plan to allow 20,000 fracking wells to be drilled in the Delaware River Basin -- which provides drinking water to 15.6 people, including residents of New York City -- will be decided on next Monday. See my comprehensive post on the vote for the details.

Activists have been working hard to tip the scales on the plan, which requires a majority vote from the governors of the four Basin states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania) and a federal rep from the Army Corps. of Engineers. So far, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are in favor of fracking. New York is against. Which leaves two remaining votes.

So, Gasland director Josh Fox recently teamed up with environmental author and activist Bill McKibben to produce a video aimed at rallying Vice President Joe Biden -- a strong environmental advocate and clearly, an influential figure in Delaware -- to oppose the fracking plans. Here's the vido:

Say it Ain't So, Joe! by Josh Fox/Bill McKibben from JFOX on Vimeo.

Head over to Save the Delaware for more information on the vote and the actions planned to try to prevent fracking from endangering one of our nation's most pristine rivers.

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