Archbishop Tutu, Other African Leaders Call on Canada to Fight Global Warming, Not Boost Tar Sands

Ouch. Two years ago I wrote about how Canadians should be ripping the flags off their backpacks Now Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada says the same thing:

“We used to boast about how Americans sewed Canadian flags on their backpack when travelling abroad. “Now we try to bully other nations into taking our dirty oil. If we want to be taken seriously in the fight to stop climate change, we have to draw the line at the tar sands.”

Nowadays we wear paper bags over our heads as out government embarrasses its citizens at every turn. Our so-called Minister of the Environment gets ready to dump Kyoto, calling penalties "reparations" and says in the Globe and Mail:

"There is a fairly widely held perception in the developing world of the need for guilt payment” to be built into any international deal on climate, Kent said in an interview. That's why Kyoto is ineffective and unfair, because the major emerging economies – which still like to consider themselves, when it’s convenient, to be developing economies – are obviously the largest emitters.

Meanwhile, African anti-apartheid activists and African non-governmental organizations are quoted in a full page ad:

Canada, you were once considered a leader on global issues like human rights and environmental protection. Today you’re home to polluting tar sands oil, speeding the dangerous effects of climate change. For us in Africa, climate change is a life and death issue. By dramatically increasing Canada’s global warming pollution, tar sands mining and drilling makes the problem worse, and exposes millions of Africans to more devastating drought and famine today and in the years to come. It’s time to draw the line. We call on Canada to change course and be a leader in clean energy and to support international action to reduce global warming pollution.

Pass the paper bag.

Archbishop Tutu, Other African Leaders Call on Canada to Fight Global Warming, Not Boost Tar Sands
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