74 UK Shell Stations Shut Down by Greenpeace; Arctic Drilling Ship Slips Anchor

Opposition to Shell's Arctic drilling plans continues to grow:

Climate Progress reports that over the weekend Shell vessel the Noble Discoverer apparently slipped anchor and began drifting in harbor, possibly running aground before being brought into line by tugboats.

A US Coast Guard spokesperson said they didn't know exactly how the incident happened, noting that they didn't think the ship went aground. However, as independent eyewitness account from a longshoreman and a local ship captain says, "There's no question it hit the beach. That ship was not coming any closer. It was on the beach."

Activist groups understandably seized the moment, the symbolism of what they feel is just one small example of the type of mishaps to come.

On a much more practical level, Greenpeace activist have shut down 74 Shell filling stations in the UK, The Guardian reports.

In actions today, 71 of London's 105 Shell stations were shut down, with 3 more in Edinburgh targeted. Twenty four activists have been reported arrested so far.

The activists are shutting down the stations by using an emergency shut-off switch to stop petrol going to the pumps and then removing a fuse to delay it being switched on again. The organization has since posted a picture of an activist posting one of the fuses to Shell's head of Arctic drilling, with the message: "We're being careful not to destroy property. Even the carefully removed components will go back to Shell."

Read more about the UK actions: The Guardian

74 UK Shell Stations Shut Down by Greenpeace; Arctic Drilling Ship Slips Anchor
A bad omen before Shell even gets to the Arctic? Perhaps. Will actions just increase against Arctic drilling? Definitely.

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