29 Vermont towns vote to oppose tar sands exports

The Keystone XL pipeline isn't the only tar sands project facing opposition from the public. Vermont Public Radio reports that during Vermont's annual Town Meeting Day "twenty nine towns approved non-binding resolutions against using an existing pipeline to carry tar sands oil across northern Vermont for export via Portland, Maine."

Andy Simon at 350Vt.org sees the interest in using the Vermont pipeline for tar sands as a sign the opposition to KXL has Canadian officials and the tar sands industry worried:

The environment minister of Alberta also stopped by the Statehouse recently to talk about the benefits of tar sands.

Simon said the notice from Canada is a good sign for the anti-tar sands movement.

"They would not be down here if they were not worried about the opposition that's growing in New England, and in Quebec, to changing the direction of this pipeline and shipping tar sands products through it," he said.

VPR and NPR have more on the story.

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