1.4 Million Megawatts of Coal Power Plants Currently Being Developed Globally

A bit of cold water tossed on any notions of coal being phased out you may have: World Resources Institute has just released a new assessment of the state of the coal power use around the world, finding that there are 1,199 new coal power plants in the works, totaling a bit over 1.4 million megawatts of capacity—or four times the capacity of all the coal-fired power plants in the US.

These plants are being developed by 483 different power companies in 59 different countries, with 76% of them proposed for India and China.

Amazingly though, the United States ranks seventh in the world for new coal power plants on the table. There are now 36 of them proposed for the nation, with a combined capacity of 20 gigawatts.

Important to note: These are power plants that have been proposed, not necessarily ones that have been approved for construction or under construction. Still, it's a powerful reminder about the state of coal versus other fossil fuels, and versus the rise of renewable energy sources.

Read the report: Global Coal Risk Assessment: Data Analysis and Market Research

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