Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are the product of millions of years of earth's natural processes. Learn how they are extracted, their effect on the planet, and how we can lessen our dependence on them.
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Hydraulic Fracturing site at night with lights on.
What Is a Saltwater Disposal Well?
A jet vapour trail across a dark blue sky.
What Are Carbon Credits?
Oil refinery in Los Angeles
New Report Calls for Rich Countries to Cut Oil and Coal Production First and Fast
Drone View Of An Oil Or Gas Drill Fracking Rig As The Sun Sets In New Mexico
What Is Fracking? Definition, History, and Environmental Impact
Smoke From Underground Fire in Town
Centralia Mine Fire: Underground Coal Fire Has Been Burning for Over 50 Years
Methane burn
Fossil Fuel Companies Receive $11 Million a Minute in Subsidies, New Report Reveals
An offshore oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Thailand
What Is Peak Oil? Have We Reached It?
Gas water heater
Canada's Gas Industry Is Mad at Justin Trudeau
European Union Agrees to End Coal Subsidies by 2025
Members Call on REI to Divest From Banks Funding Fossil Fuel Industry
Investors Predict "Start of the End" of Coal in Asia
Coal Mines Have Canaries, Frackers Have Mussels
Obama Rejects Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
Humans Need to Ditch Fossil Fuels by 2100, IPCC Warns
Even Cargo Ships Are Going 100% Electric
Danish Energy Giant Commits to Phasing Out Coal by 2023
Why We Shouldn't Shrug Off the Latest Pipeline Spill(s)
Divestment Is Now Considered a 'Material Risk' by Fossil Fuel Industries
Methane Impact on Global Climate Change 25% Greater Than Previously Estimated
Why All Is Lost: Increasing Demand for Jet Fuel Will Be Bigger Than Savings From Electric Cars
World Bank Will Stop Financing Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Royal Dutch Shell Reports Worst Quarterly Loss Since 2005
Shell Says its Oil Production Has Peaked
Proposed Fuel Economy Rules for Large Trucks Would Save as Much Oil as Is Imported From OPEC... Each Year!
Types of Offshore Oil Rigs
Airbus Proposes Blended Wing Body Planes That Reduce Fuel Consumption by 20 Percent
"Gasmaggedon" Will Make It Even Harder to Electrify Everything
Is Canada's Justin Trudeau a Climate Hypocrite?
Should We Charge Fossil Fuel Companies With Human Rights Violations?
Gas Prices Are Going Up. What Will This Do to Light Truck Sales?
Here's a Good Analogy for the Carbon Budget Problem
Methane bubbles from lake sediment trapped in ice
Methane: a Powerful Greenhouse Gas
Murray Energy Goes Bankrupt
Researchers Develop a New Way to Remove Greenhouse Gases From the Atmosphere
World Energy Day Is a Good Day to Talk About Methane
U.S. Pipelines at a Crossroads
Offshore Drilling: Low Bills vs. Big Spills
Canada Declares Climate Emergency, Then Approves Pipeline Expansion
Materials palette
Let's Rename 'Embodied Carbon' to 'Upfront Carbon Emissions'
Crisis? What Crisis? More Coal Being Burned and More CO2 Being Released
Finland to Phase Out Coal One Year Early
Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica
Costa Rica Poised to Become World's First Fossil Fuel-Free Country
5% of US Coal Fleet Retired Last Year
Global CO2 Emissions Hit Record High in 2018, as Greenland Ice Melt Goes Into 'Overdrive'
Spain Closes Coal Mines. Mining Unions Celebrate.
Heavy equipment mining coal
What Are the Top 10 Coal-Burning Countries on the Planet? Who's #1?
What's the Carbon Footprint of Making a Tesla Battery?
Controversial Energy East Oil Pipeline Cancelled
Big North American Banks Still Banking on Extreme Fossil Fuels
I Just Switched to "Green" Gas From Bullfrog Power
Church of England Fleshes Out Plans for Fossil Fuel Divestment
The Problems With Oil and Gas Pipelines

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