Construction Worker Follows His Bliss for Baking

Silvano Mederos is a former construction worker who wanted a creative outlet. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

Silvano Mederos was a construction worker for 15 years, providing a home and a future for his family. But the labor-intensive industry took its toll on his body after so many years, and Mederos had to quit.

The next step was figuring out what to do next. "Cooking has always been a hobby of mine," Mederos told MNN, "which is why I'm now learning to bake. It's something I love."

Fruit tarts like this gorgeous example were the first type of baking Mederos tried. He was a natural from the start. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

Baking comes naturally to Mederos and was the perfect hobby for him after quitting his job because he can do it without hesitation or physical limitations.

When he was first learning how to bake, he started with fruit-topped cakes and tarts.

This fruit-topped cake is one of the first cakes Mederos created. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

His favorite part of baking isn't the actual process. "My favorite part about baking is seeing my ideas come to life and watching people's reactions when they eat my cakes."

His daughter's reaction to seeing her dad's creations was like that of most children seeing a parent's accomplishments. "I'm proud of my father because he finally has the time to pursue his dream," she told MNN. "He's always been an amazing cook."

His daughter tweeted a photo of her dad's baking and suddenly he was getting messages from strangers all around the world.

This gelatin cake features a rose design inside. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

Before his daughter's tweet, Mederos was only baking for his family. "Now, I have tons of requests from people I don't know, which is amazing!"

However, Mederos is still learning. For now, baking is his hobby; and he wants to learn more techniques. In the future, he said it may become his career. His dream has been to own a cafe to sell his desserts.

Another gelatin cake —this time with different floral designs. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

So far he says nothing has been a challenge for him to learn including these beautiful floral gelatin cakes seen above.

This is the 'fairy cake,' shown at the halfway point and when finished. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

He's even learning how to use fondant to create intricate cake designs like this three-tiered cake he calls the "Fairy Cake."

This 'fairy cake' features a waterfall, fondant flowers and fairy dolls. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)
Mederos is now learning how to work with fondant, creating some elaborate and quirky designs. (Photo: Cakes By Silvano/Instagram)

His advice for anyone who is thinking about pursuing a hobby they're passionate about? "There's always enough time! Even if it's not something you want to do as a career, there's always time to enjoy yourself and learn something new!"