Former Chief UK Scientist Calls for Complete Removal of Fossil Fuel Dependence

Particle Physics, Mars Landings, or the Future of Civilization?
The former Chief UK Scientist, Sir David King, has made the pages of TreeHugger before with his predictions that plans to stabilize atmospheric CO2 emissions under 450 parts per million would seem "unfeasible". Now, according to the BBC, he is hitting headlines once again by using his presidential address at the BA Science Festival to question the focus of mainstream science, asking why so much funding and effort goes to landing a craft on Mars, or particle physics, while more pressing concerns like climate change or over-population receive less attention. His remarks come as British scientists celebrate the country's participation in the Large Hadron Collider (pictured above), the world's biggest physics experiment, to the tune of £500m (US$1bn). While Sir David doesn't directly question the validity of such experiments, he does point to the need for at least similar levels of engagement with finding ambitious, pollution-free ways to power the world:
"We will have to re-gear our thinking because our entire civilisation depends on energy production, and we have been producing that energy very largely through fossil fuels; and we will have to remove our dependence from fossil fuels virtually completely, or we will have to learn how to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel usage,"

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