Forks Over Knives App Offers Step-By-Step Directions for 180 Plant-Based Recipes

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Screen capture. Forks Over Knives

This mobile app, from the makers of the influential film Forks Over Knives, aims to help people easily make healthy and delicious vegetarian meals.

Whether you simply want to eat more plant-based meals because you want to reduce the environmental footprint of your diet, or whether you want to go all veg all the time for the same reason, or if you need to cut back on animal products for health reasons, if you don't have good recipes for vegetarian meals, you'll probably end up throwing in the towel and reverting back to your old diet rather quickly.

As a long-time vegan, I've found that eating a plant-based diet works well for me, and has become second nature to me, so I never feel as if I'm missing out. I don't go out of my way to try to convince anyone else to go veg, unless they start asking me why I choose to eat this way, in which case I'm happy to explain my own experience.

But food is such an integral part of our social lives that whenever someone learns I don't eat meat, milk, or eggs, it's a fairly common thing for me to then hear that "I tried eating vegetarian, but I didn't know what to eat." or "Everything I made was so boring and tasteless, I just couldn't do it."

Yet when we have people over for a meal, we don't tell them that it's vegetarian (vegan, usually), and they almost always end up raving about the food and asking for the recipe afterward. That type of experience leads me to believe that it's not really the plant-based diet that's difficult, but rather the lack of appropriate recipes, shopping lists, and cooking directions that might put people off from eating more vegetarian and vegan meals.

In a bid to bring more healthy whole-food and plant-based meals to more tables, the team behind the critically-acclaimed film Forks Over Knives (trailer below), which advocates for moving away from not only highly processed foods, but also animal-based foods, has developed a great app that could help anyone start to make healthier eating choices.

The Forks Over Knives app, available for both iOS and Android, features more than 180 plant-based recipes from 20 "leading" chefs, all accompanied by gorgeous photos of the prepared meals, and includes step-by-step instructions and a shopping list function that can help make sure you get all of the ingredients for each meal you plan on making. New recipes are added to the app weekly, users can add their own notes to each recipe, and the inclusion of articles with tips on adopting a plant-based lifestyle makes this app more than just another recipe repository.

Forks Over Knives app

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The app is $4.99 for either version, which might seem odd in a digital culture where we're primed to think everything ought to be free, but considering that it costs less than a double decaf cinnamon soy latte and that you're getting a cookbook with almost 200 recipes and instructions in it, and one which will be updated and added to each week, it'll probably be money well-spent.