Whales and Dolphins Playing Is the Perfect Escape (Video)

Video screen capture. Capt Dave's Dana Point Whale Watching

Warning: This incredible drone footage of gray whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins may cause cetacean envy.

It's just a minute and a half of video shot from a drone, but the clip below is a wonder. Anyone who has ever experienced dolphins in the wild knows that they love to "play" with boats, criss-crossing in leaps in front of the bow. They apparently like to do it with whales, too.

In the video are two migrating gray whales off the coast of California, joined by a playful pack of Pacific white-sided dolphins. The dolphins do their surfing maneuvers, the whales spin and do the backstroke.

I've watched this quite a few times, and it's just beautiful. So many humans think that homo sapiens is the be-all and end-all – but the marine mammals are likely having the last laugh with that one. Are they tearing apart civil cetaceous society with divisive political power moves? Do they have inequity that allows a few to get all the ocean goodies and let the rest have barely anything? Do they have ... shudder ... Twitter?

Oh, to be a dolphin or whale frolicking in the sea! Watch and enjoy the mirth ... and then repeat the mantra: Be like dolphins and whales.