Food Waste Tool Matches Leftovers to Recipes

©. Tesco

British supermarket Tesco releases website to make leftover utilization easier.

Between calls for plastic-free aisles and the very real prospect of a tax on single use plastics, the UK seems to have gotten a bee in its bonnet recently about ocean plastic pollution.

Now it seems that food waste is getting similar attention too. And that's a very good thing. According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste ranks third in terms of potential among all possible ways to cut climate emissions.

From toast ale (made from old bread) to a massive food waste feast in Trafalgar Square, this concern has taken many forms in the UK so far. The latest move comes from supermarket giant Tesco, which has released a neat little online Food Waste Tool for the holidays. Simply type in the ingredients you've got left over, and the tool will match those ingredients with recipes for you to try out.

Of course, supermarkets encouraging consumers to take responsibility for their waste is always in danger of being greenwash. Given the massive amount of food that's trashed before it ever reaches a shopper, efforts like these must be combined with an aggressive push to cut waste at every level of the supply chain. But from selling more ugly produce to (if we must) using food waste to generate electricity, there are many things that supermarkets can—and are beginning to—do on this front too.

So a Food Waste Tool is a welcome addition to the arsenal. It just can't end there. Now go check what's in your fridge, get creative, and chow down. And feel free to share your leftover recipes in the comments below.