Food Posters From the Past Are Recipes for the Present (Slideshow)

canning poster
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The message on posters from World Wars I and II are often similar to the messages we try to send at TreeHugger, such as growing your own food, walking instead of driving, reducing waste and conserving. Two years ago I did a small slideshow, Frugal Green Living: Posters for the Movement, and I have been collecting American, Canadian and British images ever since.

This summer there has been a lot of interest in posters from the World Wars, thanks to the opening of an exhibit at the National Agricultural Library. There is a wonderful online presentation of the show, curated by Corey Bernat, at Beans are Bullets.

We show some of the best of Corey's posters, along with others from Canada and Britain, in an expanded slideshow. Part 1: Food.

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