Following Crude's Incredible Journey

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How much do you really know about oil? Sure, we're all familiar with the concept of "peak oil," its contribution to anthropogenic global warming and fuel alternatives, but what about its history? The reason why it is usually found in deserts or Arctic regions and its impact on anoxic ocean events? Well, even if you can answer all these questions, you owe it to yourself to check out ABC TV's excellent "Crude - The incredible journey of oil".

Directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker Richard Smith, this 90 minute documentary covers the 160 million year-history of oil and features interviews with several leading scientific and economic experts - including Columbia University's Wallace S. Broecker and Penn State University's Lee Kump. "When I first started getting interested in oil, I was amazed to find that not only did most people not really have a good idea what this stuff was, but it was hard to find a really definitive explanation from the experts on how it formed. Clearly, the science of oil was lagging behind the exploitation. The deeper I dug into the latest research on the subject, the more incredible links in the story began to drop into place," he explained in a recent interview. It's more than you ever wanted to know about the black stuff.

Via ::ABC Science: Crude - the incredible journey of oil (documentary)

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