Flushable Wipes Are a Contradiction in Terms

Video screen capture. Halifax Water

We have noted before that using flushable wipes is a really bad idea, Why you should avoid buying wet wipes, and how Adult wet wipes are clogging the pipes. It is yet another good reason to get a bidet. But don't believe us; get the info straight from the City of Halifax, via BoingBoing.

Someone from Halifax Water writes:

The truth of the matter is, 'flushable' wipes are clogging sewers across Canada, US and beyond and are costing Canadian ratepayers at least $250 million a year. While these products and personal wipes may swirl down the toilet with ease, they don't disintegrate, creating serious problems as they work their way through aging sewer systems on their way to treatment plants.

They also note that you shouldn't flush dental floss or tennis balls. Whenever I see these videos I feel so sorry for the people who have to do this job, cleaning up the mess we make through our sloppiness and laziness. I almost wish everyone in the country had to use composting toilets so that they know what it is like to have to deal with their own shit. Otherwise it is always just out of site, out of mind.