This Fluffy Newborn Flamingo Is Here to Steal Your Heart

The Denver Zoo created quite a buzz when they posted this adorable video of a newborn baby Chilean flamingo.

Keepers found that this little chick was in an egg that was laid late in the season. With the cold weather in Denver, it didn't have a great chance of making it.

So, they took action to save the bird's life and brought it in to the egg incubators at their Aviation Propagation Center.

Keepers work with the flamingo to make sure its legs are getting stronger. In their latest video above, you can see that it is growing quickly.

The chick was born weighing 0.2 pounds and now weighs five times as much.

"Our little man has grown!" the zoo posted. "He now weighs 1 full lb and is SO mobile! These days, his little workouts take him all over the Avian Propagation Center and HE's doing the chasing."