Fluffy the Cat Nearly Froze to Death in Montana

When Fluffy the cat was brought to the clinic, it wasn't clear if she was going to make it. Animal Clinic of Kalispell/Facebook

Fluffy the cat had lived around a certain house in Kalispell, Montana, long before the current owners bought the place and took her under their care.

When temperatures dropped, Fluffy always made sure she found a comfortable spot to weather out the cold spell. But not this time. When the owners returned home one day at the end of January, they noticed her motionless body stuck on a snowbank.

She was covered from head to toe in ice and snow.

Her caretakers rushed her to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell. She was unresponsive, and her body temperature wasn't even registering.

It was a long shot, but veterinarians at the clinic were determined to save her.

They gave her fluids and cage warmers
Veterinarians worked quickly to save Fluffy. Animal Clinic of Kalispell/Facebook

The staff used cage warmers, towels and fluids to try and thaw her out and get her breathing again.

After an hour of tireless effort, the staff was happy to hear some grouchy growling coming from Fluffy.

They picked ice from her fur and whisked her off to an emergency clinic to help raise her body temperature some more. Miraculously, the feisty kitty started moving around.

Fluffy was discharged that night to her owners. To everyone's relief, she appears to be back to normal.

She can now go back to living a healthy life
Fluffy was nurtured back to full health. Animal Clinic of Kalispell/Facebook

The owners and the veterinarians believe Fluffy simply stayed in one spot for too long and got caught in the snow, unable to move, though none of them are sure why she was in that spot or didn't move sooner.

"She's crouched down looking like she's hunting something or something's in the snow bank," Dr. Jevon Clark of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell told the Associated Press. "And then they realized, oh my gosh, she's not moving."

Fluffy's owners told the clinic that they plan on keeping Fluffy inside for the foreseeable future.